CALL FOR TENDER Fundraising strategy for ECCJ
November 9th, 2023

ECCJ is looking for a fundraising expert to help us develop a new fundraising strategy on a consultant basis. After this assignment, ECCJ plans to release a follow-up call for fundraisers to implement the developed strategy.

What is expected?

  • What: To develop a fundraising strategy for ECCJ
  • Period: December 2023 – End of January 2024
  • Deadline: apply before the 29th of November

We would like you to:

  1. Obtain an overview of the current funding coverage, and the financial and planning gap and set out a timeframe of fundraising needs and opportunities.
  2. Develop a fundraising strategy by the end of January 2023 that:
    1. Explicitly addresses both short-term and long-term fundraising needs
    2. Integrates and updates our fundraising policy where necessary
    3. Is in line with the mission and vision of the organisation
    4. Uses the general long-term goals of the organisation as defined by our current strategy
    5. Allows for flexibility to include our future strategy, which is currently being drafted and aimed to be accepted by Q3 2024.

You will work closely together with the Director and the Operations Team.

What do we require from you?

  1. Understanding and interest in the NGO sector, specifically on topics of social justice, human rights and EU affairs.
  2. Demonstrated skills and expertise in fundraising and funding strategy development.
  3. Fluent in English (both oral and written).
  4. Well-organised, collaborative and communicative approach.
  5. VAT invoicing.

Any intellectual property produced through this agreement will be transferred to ECCJ.

What is desired?

  1. Familiarity with the ECCJ network and its work.
  2. Ability to join in-person meetings in Brussels.

What is the process?

Are you interested? Please send an email before the 29th of November, the start of business, to with the heading: “Call for tender: fundraising strategy” followed by your name. We require you to submit the following items to be included in the application:

  1. A proposal outlining your relevant expertise and how you will approach this partnership, including a timeline and methodologies used.
  2. CV(s) of the persons involved in delivering the work and a cover letter.
  3. Your fees per hour and your estimation of hours needed to complete the assignment.
  4. The details of any taxes to be included (ECCJ is not registered for VAT and thus the reverse charge mechanism for intra-community services cannot be applied).
  5. A declaration of honour;
    If you are a registered legal entity, we require a declaration of honour attesting to your organisation’s positive economic and financial viability,
    If you are an individual, a statement that you operate as an individual and a reference to the corresponding legal / tax framework.


Fees, schedule of payments, tasks and responsibilities, accountabilities and binding agreements will be discussed during the application process and are to be entered into a contract between ECCJ and the selected candidate.