Our Mission

A sustainable world in which corporations respect human rights and the environment.


We are guided by a vision of a sustainable world in which corporations’ drive for profit is balanced by the interest of society at large and respects human, social and environmental rights.

Our work is motivated by the express need to transform the European Union home to a large number of corporations into a global leader in corporate accountability.

Although the majority of our activities take place within EU borders, the ultimate beneficiaries are communities and workers affected by corporate abuse, both inside and outside the EU.

You can find more information in our strategic framework.

Changing the rules to make business accountable.

What we do

We advocate for European laws that guarantee corporate accountability and transparency, and ensure justice for people affected by corporate malpractice.

We work with decision-makers in developing robust European and national policies and laws, while also building a strong corporate accountability movement.

We draw on the expertise and experience of organisations across Europe and provide a united voice. Representing over 480 organisations from 17 countries, we are the only European coalition bringing together civil society, trade unions, consumer organisations and academics.

ECCJ was set up in 2006, and has established a coordination office in Brussels.

Every year, we attend the UN negotiations on a legally binding instrument on business and human rights.

The change we want to see

Better corporate liability

We are advocating for an effective and comprehensive regulatory framework that imposes robust corporate due diligence obligations and ensures access to justice and remedy for victims of corporate abuse.

Better access to justice and remedies for victims of corporate abuse

We are advocating for improved access to justice and remedy, which will lead to better corporate practice and put an end to widespread impunity that leaves people powerless.

Better transparency

We are advocating for meaningful supply chain reporting that complements financial information with impacts on people and the planet.

The 6 principles for a robust and effective corporate justice regime

  1. It is based on internationally agreed human rights, social, labour, environmental and economic standards for corporate behaviour.
  2. It ensures all corporations abide by national or internationally agreed standards with regulatory measures.
  3. It includes internal and external dialogue processes. Stakeholders, such as workers and communities, can hold corporations to account for their impacts. 
  4. It includes mechanisms for independent monitoring and verification of corporate claims, as well as mechanisms of redress for those affected by corporate activities.
  5. It provides a high level of transparency via social and environmental reporting, disclosure of payments, subsidies and lobbying activities, and information about production processes, products and services.
  6. It requires changes in a company’s governance, strategy, and policies in order to meet international standards.