Meet the Board that is responsible for managing our coalition.

Filip Gregor

Filip is the head of Frank Bold’s responsible companies section and has represented Frank Bold within ECCJ’s Steering Group since 2007.

Cornelia Heydenreich

Cornelia is the head of the corporate accountability team at Germanwatch e.V. She represents the German Corporate Accountability Network (CorA-Netz) at ECCJ.

Mark Dearn

Mark is the director of the Corporate Justice Coalition in the UK. Previously he worked as a strategic communications adviser, a senior campaigner and a journalist.

Sandra Cossart

Sandra is the director of Sherpa. She represents the French CSR Forum within ECCJ’s Steering Group since 2017.

Paul de Clerck

Paul is the head of the economic justice team at Friends of the Earth Europe in Brussels. He initiated and is a board member of ALTER-EU, Finance Watch and ECCJ.

Audrey Gaughran

Audrey is the executive director of the Centre for Research on Multinational Corporations (SOMO) in the Netherlands.

Maddalena Neglia

Maddalena is the Head of Globalisation and Human Rights Desk at the International Federation for Human Rights.

Anina Dalbert

Anina is the Legal Advisor specialized in corporate accountability at Public Eye in Switzerland.