Top 5 highlights of ECCJ in 2023
December 22nd, 2023
2023 Highlights

As the year comes to an end, it is a good moment to take stock of all the developments and milestones we have seen this year within ECCJ and at the political level. 2023 has been a remarkably eventful year for both the ECCJ and the whole Business and Human Rights movement: from the first-ever EU due diligence law to visits from Global South activists.

Looking back, here are our key take aways from the past 12 months:  

13th october conference
  • Our public campaign “Justice is Everybody’s Business” has had great success since its launch in September 2022. Together with more than 120 key advocates and civil society actors from all over the world, the movement highlighted the importance of grassroots activism and mobilization in bringing about meaningful change. The campaign empowered us to bridge the gap between the people and those in power, and reminded us that politics should be accessible and inclusive to all. In an innovative approach to promote corporate justice, we brought the concept to life by exhibiting in the streets a giant inflatable statue of lady justice that toured in 7 European capitals. The campaign has also been a platform for activists from all over the world to tell their firsthand experiences, shedding light on the harmful impacts of an unregulated business system. Our voices strongly resonated in Brussels, where we ran actions in front of the European Parliament and literally projected what Justice means to us on institutions buildings.    
  • Throughout this challenging 2023 year of CSDDD negotiations, ECCJ has consistently been recognised as a reputable and reliable voice. Our efforts have been acknowledged both by our allies and media outlets which quoted our organisation more than 100 times (ECCJ and the JIEB campaign combined). With the collaboration of the “Justice is Everybody’s Business” campaign, we organised a media breakfast with key Brussels-based journalists and human rights defenders that unpacked their stories of injustice and confronted policymakers in the heart of Europe. What we have always strived for is to create a space where people and victims of corporate abuse can have their voices heard and demands acknowledged.
Speakers tour
  • Finally, we want to acknowledge our team and membership, for whom we are extremely grateful for. Over the course of this past year, the ECCJ team has experienced remarkable growth and transformation. From just six individuals in December 2022, we have now evolved into a close-knit group of ten passionate and caring colleagues who have steadfastly supported one another. The support of our members has been unvaluable, whose unwavering dedication, and inspiration carried along our work in this hectic year. 



More hard work and achievements in the making. See you all in 2024! 

The ECCJ Team

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