Tomorrow marks the 5th anniversary of Rana Plaza, the tragedy that could have been prevented if workers’ rights at the factory had been properly guaranteed. Instead, the collapse of the building left more than 1.100 workers dead (mainly women) and hundreds of injured.

On the eve of the anniversary, ECCJ and our Spanish member Observatorio RSC have published an opinion piece. The article calls on the EU and State decision-makers to adopt the necessary measures to prevent more “Rana Plazas” and other numerous day-to-day human rights abuses. The EU and its State Members have a legal and moral responsibility to adopt regulations that prevent human rights abuses linked to the overseas activities of European companies, and to ensure that victims have access to remedy.

The article describes the EU legal framework in this regard as an inefficient patchwork of mainly voluntary measures. It goes on describing the specific context in Spain, which defines as a tale of missed opportunities to adequately regulate the activities of business actors.

The full article in Spanish can be read here.