The European Union Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) has recently published an Opinion on access to remedies in the context of business and human rights.

The Opinion is a response to a EU Council request, formulated during the Dutch EU Presidency in the first semester of 2016.  In its Conclusions from June 2016, the Council called on FRA to look at “possible avenues to lower barrier for access to remedy at EU level.”

The Opinion is based on FRA’s analysis of judicial and non-judicial remedies, together with implementation issues, organised in six main areas:

1.    Making judicial remedies more accessible
2.    Better supporting judicial remedies in cross-border cases
3.    Using criminal justice system
4.    Providing effective non-judicial remedies
5.    Improving transparency and data collection
6.    Incentivizing action plans, coordination and due diligence

The Opinion contributes to raising awareness of the need for the EU to do more to improve access to effective remedies for victims of corporate abuse.

Read and download full report.

A more detailed analysis of the Opinion is forthcoming.