Sherpa and ActionAid France – Peuples solidaires new lawsuit would reveal violations of workers’ fundamental rights in the smartphone leader’s factories.

Sherpa and ActionAid France – Peuples solidaires have been investigating on these alleged violations since 2012. Last January 11, the organisations filled a lawsuit for misleading advertising before the French Court in Paris against the electronic giant headquartered in South Korea, SAMSUNG GLOBAL, and its French subsidiary, SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS FRANCE.

The evidences gathered for this lawsuit, including very well documented reports from the NGO China Labor Watch which was infiltrated SAMSUNG factories, would reveal human rights violations in SAMSUNG factories in China and South Korea.

Those reports denounce exploitation of children under sixteen, excessive working hours, lack of proper equipment putting employees in danger, as well as working conditions and accommodations incompatible with human dignity. Moreover, the use of benzene and methanol in the factories may have led to incurable diseases for several employees.

However, to build its image, SAMSUNG publishes many ethical commitments which guarantee the strict respect for workers’ rights throughout the production chain. The group even proudly states that it aims “to become one of the most ethical companies in the world”

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