On 23 January 2015, ECCJ sent a letter to members of the French National Assembly in support of the bill on parent company duty of vigilance that is currently discussed.

The bill has been advanced by the ecologist and socialist groups of the National Assembly, and has the support of 4 political groups. However, over the last weeks, in the run-up to the vote, the French government has called the socialist group to revise the proposal. A vote of support should take place in the end of March. French NGOs are engaged in ensuring a meaningful outcome to this legislative process.

ECCJ stresses the importance of the bill in ending impunity for violations of human and environmental rights by European companies. ECCJ believes that such an important step made by an EU State would represent a major milestone for the political discussions on improving corporate accountability. It would also make France a leading country on due diligence at a European level.

The letter has also been mentioned in a press release by the Groupe Ecologiste of the French National Assembly.