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Currently supermarket chains and a small number of fruit companies dominate the tropical fruit trade across Europe, and abuse their enormous buyer power to push down the prices they pay to suppliers. These pressures are passed on to people at the very beginning of the supply chain.

Farmers have no guarantees about the payment they will receive. Workers are often forced to work long hours, for low pay in degrading conditions, while exposed to highly toxic agrochemicals, which have serious impacts on human health, wildlife and the environment.

The Make Fruit Fair! campaign is calling on the European Commission to introduce stronger, EU-wide, regulation to put a stop to unfair trading practices. This will enable small farmers, workers and EU consumers to get a fair deal that respects human rights, provides fair prices and enables safe and sustainable production.

Make Fruit Fair! has launched a Europe-wide petition, with a 100,000 signature goal, asking the European Commission to address the effects of Unfair Trading Practices on producers and workers in the developing world.

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