Despite delays and weaknesses – both on process and content – the development of National Action Plans (NAPs) to implement the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human rights (UNGPs) by governments is seen by ECCJ and its members as an important way to push governments to do a robust assessment of the gaps, identify options and initiate concrete measures which can be monitored in the future. Europe is seen as a frontrunner, and the first 3 released plans (UK, Netherlands and Denmark) seem to be taken as examples by other countries . However assessments of our members have shown many loopholes in these plans which should not be setting the tone for the next ones.

Several ECCJ members and allies have raised the need to develop an assessment of the existing NAPs. It would be useful for the countries where NAPs have already been released, in other countries where States are developing a NAP (Spain, Italy, France, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland…) and for the many countries (inside and outside Europe) which are still expected to initiate a process.

A systematic assessment according to a set of clear criteria would allow to compare plans, show their shortcomings as well as their strengths, and call for future improvement. It would be a useful advocacy tool to push for more robust implementation of the UNGPs. With the expert support of ICAR ECCJ invites its members and interested organisations to participate to the process.

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