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ECCJ Publications

Publication / Jan 28, 2021

Evidence for mandatory Due Diligence legislation (January 2021)

Publication / Jan 27, 2021

Joint civil society statement on EP Committee vote on corporate due diligence

Publication / Jan 6, 2021

Reform of the EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive

Publication / Dec 14, 2020

Mapping mandatory HREDD legislative progress in Europe (December 2020)

Publication / Nov 12, 2020

Debating mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence legislation: A Reality Check

Publication / Sep 24, 2020

Evidence for mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence legislation (September 2020)

Publication / Sep 11, 2020

What if a new EU due diligence law could protect people and the planet?

Publication / Sep 1, 2020

Principal elements of an EU due diligence legislation

Publication / Jun 8, 2020

Moving forward with the EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive: enforcement & review

Publication / May 28, 2020

Evidence for mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence legislation

Publication / May 28, 2020

Mapping mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence legislative progress in Europe

Publication / Apr 14, 2020

From impossible to inevitable: corporate justice in times of COVID-19

Publication / Feb 26, 2020

ECCJ Legal Brief: EU Model Legislation on Corporate Responsibility to Respect Human Rights and the Environment

Publication / Feb 24, 2020

Joint civil society response to the European Commission study into supply chain due diligence

Publication / May 20, 2019

Evidence for mandatory HRDD legislation (Updated May 2019)

Publication / Mar 8, 2019

A Human Rights Review of the EU Non-financial Reporting Directive

Publication / Jul 4, 2018

Submission to the UN Working Group on BHR consultation on Human Rights Due Diligence

Publication / Jun 8, 2018

ECCJ Position Paper: Key features of Mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence Legislation

Publication / Dec 21, 2017

ECCJ position paper on Collective Redress

Publication / Feb 23, 2017

French Corporate Duty of Vigilance Law: FAQ

Publication / May 6, 2016

The Third Pillar: Access to Judicial Remedies for Human Rights Violations by Transnational Business

Publication / May 6, 2016

Fair Law: Legal Proposals to Improve Corporate Accountability for Environmental and Human Rights Abuses

Publication / Nov 12, 2015

Updated assessment of existing National Action Plans on Business and Human Rights 2015

Publication / Feb 9, 2015

ECCJ New report identifies recommended EU and Member States actions to tackle barriers to justice

Publication / Sep 22, 2014

Rapport sur le Troisième pilier des Principes Directeurs des Nations Unies

Publication / May 16, 2013

Assessment of the EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive

Publication / Dec 1, 2012

La Diligencia Debida en Materia de Derechos Humanos

Publication / Dec 1, 2012

La Diligence Raisonnable en matière de droits humains: le rôle des états

Publication / Nov 30, 2012

Human Rights Due Diligence: The Role of States

Publication / Nov 29, 2010

Principles and pathways: Legal opportunities to improve Europe’s corporate accountability framework

Publication / Nov 9, 2010

Rights for Whom? Corporations, Communities and the Environment

Publication / Sep 1, 2009

The Powerful and the Powerless: A case study of Unión Fenosa’s electricity monopoly in Columbia

Publication / Sep 1, 2009

Failure to Communicate: A case study of Steel Conglomerate Arcelor Mittal in South Africa

Publication / May 1, 2008

Pas de pouvoir sans responsabilités

Publication / May 1, 2008

With Power comes responsibility: legislative opportunities to improve corporate accountability at an EU level

Publication / Feb 1, 2007

Sustainable Public Procurement in the EU

Publication / Nov 1, 2006

ECCJ Advocacy Briefing on CSR at EU level
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