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ECCJ New report identifies recommended EU and Member States actions to tackle barriers to justice

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Frank Bold, the European Coalition for Corporate Justice, the European Centre for Constitutional and Human Rights, the Corporate Responsibility Coalition and Sherpa have released the report from their Access to Justice project.

’The EU’s Business: Recommended Actions for the EU and its Member States to EnsureAccess to Judicial Remedy for Business-Related Human Rights Impacts’ is the result of a two-year dialogue among legal experts, civil society organizations and decision makers in Europe on how to tackle barriers faced by victims of business abuses seeking justice. The report was launched at the EU Multi-Stakeholder Forum on CSR held in Brussels on 3-4 February.

Access to judicial remedies in the EU for victims of human rights, environmental and labour violations is a path full of practical, financial, procedural and legal obstacles, as shown in‘The Third Pillar’ study published in 2013 by ECCJ, ICAR and CORE.
This new report, which builds on a series of conferences held in London, Berlin, Paris and Brussels, shows that similar problems are encountered across jurisdictions in the EU. The report identifies concrete actions for the EU and its Member States to address these problems.

The report can be downloaded from the project website.

Please join the LinkedIn group that we have created for the legal community working on Access to Justice issues.

Jerome Chaplier
coordinator at corporatejustice.org

Filip Gregor
Head of Responsible Companies Section
Frank Bold
filip.gregor at frankbold.org

The Access to Justice project has been co-funded by the European Union.

For more information on Access to Justice you can visit www.accessjustice.eu

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