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Petroleum: Accumulation of oil, water and land in the Altillanura

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The case of Pacific: a local multinational in Colombia in process of restructuring

Colombia has suffered more than fifty years of internal armed conflict. Now that the Colombian people have rejected a peace deal with the FARC, the road towards peace has become more insecure. However, subsequent governments have aimed to boost economic activities. As this research shows, this increase in economic activities bears serious risks and can aggravate some root causes of the Colombian conflict.

This study looks into the country’s largest private company, Pacific Exploration and Production Corporation. The study analyses the context and conditions that enabled the rapid growth of the company, leading it to become the second most important oil company in Colombia a mere five years after it was set up. The research also analyses the factors that caused the severe crisis and restructuring of the company and examines the impacts of Pacific’s operations on human rights and the environment in Puerto Gaitán in the department of Meta, where Pacific’s most important oilfields are located.

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Read and download summary (Spanish)

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