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Mapping mHRDD legislative progress in Europe: map and comparative analysis of mHRDD laws and legislative proposals

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ECCJ has updated both its map and its comparative legal analysis of the different mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence (mHRDD) laws and proposals in Europe.

The map provides an overview of the different mHRDD processes in Europe, classified in four categories (policy statements, government commitment, legislative process, adopted law) depending on the state of progress.

The comparative table provides an overview of the specific provisions in the laws adopted or being discussed at the national level, as well as in the concrete legislative proposals put forward in different European countries. The table analyses the status, nature and scope of each law and legislative proposal; the standards they aim to protect; the due diligence and transparency obligations they aim to impose; and the civil liability and public enforcement mechanisms foreseen, if any. In particular, the table compares the following legal texts: