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What we do

ECCJ works as a catalyst, drawing on the expertise and experience of organisations across Europe to build a strong corporate accountability movement and provide a united voice at the European level promoting the need for legal change.

We carry out research with lawyers, academics and civil society organisations in other regions of the world to make the case for greater corporate accountability

We identify and promote legal proposals and policy recommendations for the EU and its Member States to address the gaps in governance created by economic globalisation.

We played a key role in pushing for the Non-Financial Reporting legislation adopted in 2014 which requires large European companies to disclose environmental and human rights risks, and see this as an important step towards a coherent framework for corporate accountability in Europe.

We also had an important role in coordinating the critical monitoring of the EU and Member States’ actions to implement the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. In particular, we have been a main contributor to the civil society agenda on mandatory Human Rights Due Diligence and access to judicial remedies.

By working together at European level, ECCJ’s members aim to develop a common vision of corporate justice, improve capacity and knowledge among civil society organisations, and influence corporate accountability policies.

We call on the EU and Member States to ensure:

  • Better liability

Require businesses to exercise their duty of care through an obligation of due diligence, by supporting and promoting developments at national level, getting the EU to embed human rights due diligence in its policies, developing a joint European campaign with members of ECCJ and other leading networks.

In association with other leading corporate accountability NGOs, we have launched the BHRinLaw website to track legislative and case law developments related to the corporate responsibility to respect human rights, with a focus on mandatory human rights due diligence and parent company liability.

  • Better transparency

Require business to be transparent on how they affect or may affect human rights and the environment, through the transposition of the Non-Financial Reporting Directive into national law, robust EU guidelines on implementation and reporting,  monitoring implementation of new rules and preparing the Directive’s 2019 revision.

  • Better access to remedies

Ensure effective access to remedies for victims of corporate malpractice by adding a business and human rights angle to specific reforms or policy discussions, like the Rome II regulation (rules of jurisdiction) or collective redress.

  • An enabling policy framework for corporate accountability

Putting corporate accountability on both the short and long-term political agenda; ensuring greater policy coherence through the upcoming European Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy, EU and Member States (National) Action Plans on business and human rights.


Our goals, objectives and main strategies are summarized in the Strategic Framework 2017-2020 that has been adopted by the ECCJ's General Assembly in May 2017.

Contact us

ECCJ Secretariat
Rue d’Edimbourg 26
1050 Brussels - Belgium

Telephone number: +32 (0) 2 893 10 26